is wholly owned by Solusi Ciptaan Sdn. Bhd., providing and focusing on Community e-Sales platform. This platform is to ensure faster and more convenient ways to deliver products especially to community members with door-to door delivery and institutional financing.


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1.     INTRODUCTION is wholly owned by Solusi Ciptaan Sdn. Bhd., providing and focusing on Community e-Sales platform.  This platform is to ensure faster and a more convenient way to deliver products especially to community members with door-to-door delivery. has a wide variety and competitive product offerings without leaving home, hunting and spending hours comparing prices from one physical store to another.


Designed to simplify the end-to-end process of product buying, focuses to provide safe and secure application, data protected with state-of-the-art technology, designed by professional system developers.


“Now Everyone Can Ride!” specializes in delivering the peoples’ choice of motorcycle brands, models like Yamaha, Honda, Modenas, KTM, SYM etc. Imagine buying, for example, your dream motorcycle, in a single platform!!




2.     OBJECTIVES aim in “Making Life Easier” by connecting Communities in a single and friendly online store, uplift your buying experience, through choices of affordable and competitive products, through a secured state-of-the-art platform. Our continuous “Initiatives & Bring-Market-To-Customer Strategies” aim to serve you better.


We strive to create buying excitement for all our customers, while improving our  behind-the- scene work i.e. closely looking at innovative ways for our services and selling approach, introduction of new products from our well established vendors within our distribution channel, build stronger relationships with primary vendors and always in search for viable and new partnerships. We target to:


                                                                                                                I.            Ensuring all business transactions are simple, efficient with competitive products offerings.

                                                                                                                II.            Multiple products by our Business Partners with competitive pricing in the market.

                                                                                                                III.            Gathering Community members together and providing product, support & services at most convenient way.

                                                                                                                IV.            Enhance customer loyalty to retain target market and ensuring visitation to

                                                                                                                V.            Provide Best Customer Choice & Preferred partners




3.     THE BUSINESS PLAN business plans focuses on 3 strategies as follows: -

              A.      Community Partnerships

              B.    Strengthening & Expanding Vendors with Variety Product Distributions

              C.     Technological Enhancement on Digital-Platform – Making Life Easier



          Community Partnership

         ·         Partnerships with Cooperatives (Co-Op)

         ·         Selling Approach & Our Services

         ·         Products, New Opportunities, Features Enhancement etc.

         ·         Buying & Loan Facilities, Takaful Protection

         ·         Delivery and Services


          Strengthening & Expanding Valued Vendors

           ·         Partnerships with selected renown Vendors in Malaysia

           ·         New Launch Propositions & Products with strong brand names

           ·         Expanding Loan facility from Bike Dealers


Technological Enhancement Digital Platform


           ·         Multiple module programing allowing better and simple to customer experience

           ·         Equipped with Know Your Customer (KYC) features for loan application

           ·         Strong Data Security Protection



4.     OUR FACILITIES enable Co-op members in the community to apply loan from respective Co-ops in the community. Application can be done online through website without the hassle of members to physically be present at a Co-op branch or office. Co-op will review your application and once approved, you will be notified through our website.


Alternatively, whether a co-op member or not, you can have your loans signup with renown Bike Dealers!


              Be patient with us, now transacts within four (4) Regions in Malaysia i.e. Northern,

              Southern,  Central & East Coast. Later? West Malaysia region, after that, who knows? …….


Our platform provide facility to renew your takaful with your respective Cooperative easily and equipped with roadtax delivery to your door step. No more going out, all transactions can be done easily wherever you are.


Join us, Be Part of Our Friendly Community! Making Live Easier…




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